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Voikos Construction Management Company

Developer Services

Having worked as General Manager and Senior Vice President for the construction division of one of the largest builder/developers in the Northeast, we have first-hand knowledge of the efforts required to push a project through design development, get it into the ground, and then completed. We work directly for owners and developers as construction managers and owner's representatives, and we can customize our Scope of Services to adapt to a client's needs. We are a respected and neutral member of the project team, and we work as an independent, professional construction manager, not affiliated with any architectural, construction, or real estate entities.

We are constantly aware of the need to remain accessible to a client, and to present a thorough and economical service. We assess a client's needs immediately, and we avoid giving more in services than what a client needs. There is no reason to offer too many multiple layers of management; this can be counter-productive by de-personalizing an owner's project, at higher fees.

Our developer services, both pre-construction and construction phases, include:

Lender Services Developer Services Attorney Services Lender Services, Developer Services, Attorney Services

Lender Services   Developer Services   Attorney Services